Massage Therapy & Body Work


I have been a monthly client of Claire's for over 3 years.  I suffer from severe muscle spasms, primarily in my jaw, neck, and shoulders, as well as my lower back. For my condition, Claire uses deep tissue and myofascial release techniques, is very knowledgeable and adept at locating the trigger points of the spasms, and releasing the spasms and pain. She has years of training with many varied certifications, and is able to modify treatment to any of my specific concerns. I highly recommend Claire to anyone needing professional personalized body therapy.
— Janet G.

I have had many years of chronic back and leg problems. Over the last ten years, I have received regular massage treatments from various therapist which made a tremendous improvement in my mobility and my ability to cope with all of the related symptoms. Claire is the best therapist I've used. She has a great focus on my specific issues and applies her knowledge from years of experience and practice to provide great results.
— Ron B.

Incredible, I felt pampered from beginning to end. The surroundings are beautiful and restful. Best massage ever.
— Hedva M.

I have been going to Claire weekly for 2 years. She is excellent---gives a great firm massage ,eager to please,very pleasant, great ambiance and at a reasonable price! She enjoys her work. I highly recommend her and wouldn't think of going to anyone else. I feel lucky she was recommended to me.
— Donna G.

Claire is a gifted massage therapist who knows how to release pain by finding and releasing trigger points. Her continuous education and caring nature make her my go-to choice for a massage that really works.
— Mary H.

Claire has been addressing my aches and pains for years. She knows where they are without me telling her and she works hard to make them feel better. It is relaxing and rejuvenating. I recommend her services to my co-workers.
— Jim H.

Claire is an amazing massage therapist, she knows how to get you to relax, work out the knots and make you feel invigorated by the time you leave. Since I have started using Claire as my massage therpist over a year ago, I refuse to go anywhere else. If I get a gift certifcate I give it to someone else because I know Claire knows exactly what I need and how to work the tension out of my body.
— Kellie K.